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The NUAA Board of Directors meets three times a year, excluding any special meetings called by the President. Meetings are generally held in the fall during Homecoming Weekend, in the winter during the first weekend in February and in the spring during Commencement Weekend.


What do I wear?
Board meetings are professional meetings and appropriate business attire is encouraged. Generally this means, at a minimum, a sports jacket and tie for men and skirt or dress slacks for women. Additional activities are often planned, i.e. a BBQ, either before or after the Board meeting and more casual dress is encouraged. Your meeting agenda will indicate the dress code as appropriate. The Alumni Office staff is available to answer questions at anytime.

What are the NUAA's Goals?
As stated in our mission statement: "The mission of the Norwich University Alumni Association is to promote the Norwich experience and the bond that exists between the University and the alumni. The NUAA will champion the vision, guiding values, principles and traditions of Norwich through activities and communications which build camaraderie, commitment and lifetime relationships."

The "values" mentioned above are embodied in an institutional spirit that collectively engages the President, trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, parents, cadets and students who together strive to educate young men and women to become citizens and citizen-soldiers. The Association is in the process of developing a strategic plan in support of the University's strategic plan,­ NU2019,­ and the goals set out in the Alumni Office Out Report in support of NU2019.

What is the primary function of the Norwich University Alumni Association?
As the University President has often told the Board, our business is to build relationships. We are not a fund raising organization. Via the Board Committees and the Alumni Office staff we reach across the country to our alumni and encourage them to invest their time and talent to sustain and perpetuate all that Norwich is now and what it meant to them in the past.

We encourage alumni to be involved in local club events and volunteer to be class agents or admissions volunteers, recruiting potential Norwich students, both undergraduate and graduate. We sponsor great events such as Homecoming and invite alumni to not only attend but be involved with its execution. In short, the Association seeks to extend all that is Norwich beyond the Northfield campus and out to our Alumni while at the same time maintaining an open dialog between our alumni and the University.

When are meetings?
Three times a year: ­September during Homecoming weekend, February, usually within the first two weeks of the month and May, just prior to Commencement. The President can call a special meeting in addition to those listed.

What is expected of me at these meetings?
We are thrilled that you want to give of your time and unique abilities.  We want to leverage your talents to support the Association's overall goals.  We need you to jump in and work.

At the General Meeting, the President outlines the goals for the meeting and gives an overview of the general health of the Association.  We are often visited by the University President who gives us insight regarding the accomplishments and challenges the University faces today and in the future.  The real work gets done in the Committees. Generally, Directors are assigned to two committees; the Alumni Office staff provides support and guidance to set committee goals and objectives and monitor progress.  The committee structure and board discussion provides an opportunity to ask questions and propose ideas.  Often times these discussions drive the future direction of the Association.

What do the meetings consist of?
The meetings run about 6 hours, which includes time for board business and reports, staff reports, committee meetings and presentations, discussion about special topics, any votes that might be needed, and time for the University President to meet with us.  Each Committee prepares a briefing to be distributed before the board meeting, and the committee chair may hold conference calls between meetings to discuss project status.

What are the NUAA Committees and how do they help?
The committees are where the work gets done.  There are many committees ranging from the Executive Committee consisting of the President, VP, Treasure and Secretary to the Clubs Committee, Homecoming, School of Graduate Studies, Communication, Ad Hoc, etc.  Each committee has a mission and assigned tasks.  The committees meet often through teleconference and during the general board meetings throughout the year.  You will be assigned to a committee and we ask you to jump in and be engaged with the important work they do.

Alumni Website NUX The Norwich University EXCHANGE:
The alumni web site contains all the information you will need, from events calendars to Class and Club pages.  In addition, the Alumni Office staff can help answer any questions you have.

Contact list
This list will be emailed to you with upcoming meeting information.  You may also request the list at any time from the Alumni Office.  It is your responsibility to ensure your information is up-to-date.  This list is also available on the website.

Current Financial statement
Provided by the Treasurer

Mentoring Program
As a new member of the NUAA Board of Directors, you will be assigned a mentor to assist you in becoming acquainted with the board and its procedures. This mentor will call you and brief you on the next meeting as well as serve as a contact for questions you may have. The mentor, who often will be the Director who nominated you whenever possible, will be assigned by the Nominations Committee. Please use this mentor for your questions regarding the NUAA Board of Directors and our procedures.

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